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Take a peek below at my most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer you’re looking for, please reach out to me at:

What makes SUNutrition’s meal plans different from others?

  • Your happiness and well-being is my number one priority
  • This isn’t a diet or a cookie cutter plan; you’re guaranteed to receive a highly individualized handmade plan
  • And my perfectionist tendencies translate to a thorough, thoughtful, and meticulously crafted plan
  • I actually don’t want you to stick to the plan forever. My hope is that combined with my guidance and support, the plan serves as an informative, valuable, and clarifying resource that gives you confidence to go about your eating habits independently
  • My approach: realistic, relatable, maintainable, and enjoyable

I like to think quite a few things do:

What are your certifications?

  • Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from Coastal Carolina University
  • Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, NASM
  • Weight Loss Specialist, NASM
  • Contributing personal factors: I have an athletic background having played softball for 15 years and rugby for 2. In college, I transitioned from sports to bodybuilding competitions; during my 4 years competing I earned my ANBF Pro Card in the Bikini Division in 2016. 2 years later, that chapter came to a close for a multitude of reasons, but a big one being a hormone imbalance that I discovered in the spring of 2018. From there, I started working closely with a naturopathic doctor to heal and maintain my hormones. What I didn’t know though is the impact that a holistic approach would have on my health, happiness, and overall well-being. What I’ve gained so far through my health, holistic, and fitness journey largely influences the current approach to my own lifestyle and that I implement with clients: a balanced, sustainable lifestyle and positive relationship with food.

What’s included in a plan?

A lot! Please see the Meal Plan Descriptions page for a full walkthrough of what’s included, what to expect, and the differences in the plans available to you.

Can the plan be made to fit certain dietary needs? Like dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian?

Absolutely! I can accommodate most dietary restrictions. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please email me so we can chat about it.

How does this process work?

If you’re unsure of which plan is the best fit for you, please fill out my contact form.

Upon purchasing a plan, a questionnaire will be emailed to you for you to fill out so I can get to know you better. Once you complete the questionnaire, I’ll go over it and follow up with any comments and questions I may have. When we’ve wrapped up the questionnaire, I’ll send over the welcome packet for you to read through as I get to work on your plan. At this point, we’ll touch base with each other, see how you’re doing, and chat about any questions we have for one another. Once the finishing touches are done, I’ll send your plan to you along with a comprehensive PDF that walks you through your plan.

Essentially, you’ll receive your meal plan + a mini eBook that covers everything you need to be successful and feel your best. Our 3 months together will officially start 5 days after you receive your plan to allow ample time for you to absorb everything, ask questions, grocery shop, and fully prepare!

Is there a monthly minimum for the meal plans?

Yes, there’s a 3 month minimum for all plans. This is to ensure that you get the most out of your plan.

Having 3 months, we can not only craft and implement a plan that’s realistic and enjoyable for you, but we get to communicate and work closely together to build lasting habits and create solutions for those times when *life just happens*. That way, you have more than just a plan; you have the tools and foundation to go forward and live a sustainably healthier life.

And at the end of the 3 months, if you feel you want or need more guidance and support, we can always extend your plan and from there; the duration of that is completely up to you.

The only exceptions made to the 3 month minimum are for past clients or if the One Time Meal Plan is deemed as the best fit for you.

Are there any payment plans available?

Yes, absolutely!

Your health is an investment (a worthwhile one that will pay off), but I sympathize that everyone’s financial situation is different and highly personal; I never want money to be the reason why someone who wants to improve themselves and their health can’t.

Payment plans can be made available for those who need it. If you feel a payment plan is what’s most feasible for you, please fill out the contact form and we can figure out the best fitting option for you.

What exactly is the Recipe Room?

The Recipe Room is an exclusive, monthly subscription to a community that has full access to an ever growing stockpile of my best “tastes too good to be healthy” recipes. In the Recipe Room, we’re focused on cultivating a positive, balanced, healthy relationship with food. There are countless resources available to members, including but not limited to: recipes of course, measurement conversion chart, categories to quickly find what you’re looking for, macro index, and Sami’s personal tips and recipe notes.

The purpose is not just limited to the content found within the 4 walls of the reserved room, it’s bigger than that. Each member of the Recipe Room gives back and has a direct impact on Thirst Relief through their subscription.

How much is the Recipe Room?

When the doors first open, the Recipe Room will be $6 per month or $62 for the entire year; the lowest it’ll ever be.

Subscriptions will be open for a limited time and then the “doors” will close so I can devote my full focus and attention to the members and ensuring everything runs smoothly for them in the RR.

As for when the doors will re-open for new members to join, that varies throughout the year so follow me on Instagram to be the first to know when the doors are going to open again!

How do I access the Recipe Room?

When you’re purchasing a subscription to the Recipe Room, you’ll be asked to create a log in; that login is what will be used to enter the Recipe Room, which will be accessible on this website once it's open!

Does SUNutrition give back?

Yes! 20% of each member’s subscription gets donated each month to Thirst Relief.

What is Thirst Relief?

Clean water should be one of the most basic human rights, yet over 780 million people in the world are without access to clean water. Thirst Relief’s mission is to change lives and communities through clean water solutions that not only supplies people with clean water, but also empowers, educates, and provides access to proper sanitation that will be passed on for generations to come. These solutions depend on the location, community, and need but the two most common solutions that Thirst Relief provides to communities around the world are Biosand filters and borehole wells. Simply having access to clean water creates a ripple effect into the well-being, success, and livelihood of entire regions.
  • Environmental: when water doesn’t need to be boiled prior to use, air pollution is reduced and deforestation is slowed
  • Valuable time: children and women are responsible for traveling great distances to retrieve water for their families; removing that obstacle frees up valuable time enabling them to pursue education and work to provide a second income for their families
  • Economic: money spent on firewood to boil water can be used for food and other needs and a second income significantly reduces a family’s financial strain and community’s poverty levels – when $1 is invested in water and sanitation solutions, the average economic return for that community is $8
  • Health: food can be digested properly, people get well from bacterial and fungal infections, medicine works better, people can secure consistent, proper hygiene and sanitation, and lives are saved – it’s estimated that a child dies every 21 seconds from water-related disease
  • Safety: taking women and children off of the water trails protects them from sexual assault, organ harvesters, and kidnapping
  • Well-being: encourages a more sustainable, improved quality of life and incites a hope that they can enhance their lives through education or work and reach their true potential – a hope they otherwise may not have known

Summarized from Thirst Relief’s website:

When does the Recipe Room subscription draft?

On the date in which you first subscribed. If you joined on May 18th, then your account will be drafted on the 18th of every month.

Can I cancel my Recipe Room subscription at any time?

Yes. You can pause, cancel, and resume your subscription at any time. Please know that when you do pause or cancel it, you will no longer have access inside of the Recipe Room.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. Once a transaction is made, you immediately gain access to exclusive, invaluable material that’s reserved specifically for clients, customers, and members of the Recipe Room. If you feel a mistake has been made though, please contact to discuss further.

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