Choose your plan and get ready to FEEL the mental and physical difference

How It Works

Choose your plan (or contact me to discuss plan options), add to cart, fill out the questionnaire attached to the confirmation email, email me your completed questionnaire, receive and read through your welcome document, and expect your plan shortly!

What You Can Expect

  • A meal plan that’s full of your favorite foods and carefully crafted to closely resemble your current eating habits
  • To learn how much your body physiologically needs to function optimally and to reach your goals in a balanced, realistic way through calculated, customized macros
  • To understand the “why” behind your macros and plan
  • To feel the difference that eating enough can have on your body, mentality, energy levels, mood, and overall sense of wellness
  • No drastic changes, generalizations, or restrictions

But First, Cookies Questions

What can I expect with a meal plan?

A highly individualized meal plan crafted to your personal goals and body’s specific requirements that removes the guesswork out of eating well and nourishing your body. In your plan, you’ll receive comprehensive information on your BMR, TDEE, daily calories, specific macronutrient ranges, customized meal options, and everything you need packed into a convenient, concise PDF file.

You choose the number of meals you want to eat per day, the foods you prefer, and any other accommodations you’d like to be met in your plan. From there, I’ll put together 2-4 (depending on the plan) meal recommendations for you to choose from for each meal.

Rather than completely overhauling your routine (unless that’s what you want of course), I aim to tweak, adjust, and improve your current routine while mimicking it as much as possible so together, we can make gradual, lasting changes.

What makes this plan different from the rest?

At SUNutrition, your happiness and mental health is the top priority.

I know firsthand what it’s like to go to the extreme end of self-control; spending 7+ hours a week doing cardio, restricting myself to the point of binge eating and guiltily hiding it from my roommates, and feeling lost and self-conscious despite my life practically revolving around food and working out.

And I don’t want that for you. I don’t want your meal plan to be viewed as a “diet” or just another rigid plan that you need to follow to a T. An all-or-nothing mindset often leads to feelings of failure at anything less than perfect. And I don’t want you to be perfect. I actually don’t want you to follow the meal plan 100% because that only creates a reliance on me.

Instead, I want to help you to learn to listen to your body, discover practical, enjoyable ways to eat well, and create habits that work for you with my guidance and support.

How strict do I need to be?

Ultimately, that’s up to you. This can be as strict or as lenient as you want it or make it to be. I can’t force you to do something you don’t want to do. And even if I could, that wouldn’t produce lasting changes. Ideally, I prefer a balanced approach. You may have heard of the 80/20 rule: choose wholesome, nourishing foods 80% of the time and the remaining 20% is meant to be for fun and flexibility (so think family pizza night, dessert with your SO, happy hour, wine and ice cream with your girlfriends, anything that you enjoy that’s out of the normal 80%).

And sometimes, the 80/20 looks more like 70/30 or 45/55 or even 25/75; it varies day to day and that’s normal. I always say something, even if it’s just 10%, is better than 0%.

The objective with this rule of thumb is to build stability, intuition, and self-trust while avoiding relying solely on motivation and willpower (which is a common mistake that we’ve all made; starting strong, going all in right out of the gate, only to fall short when the motivation inevitably starts to fizzle). We want to create a realistic, attainable balance through consistency.

I want to lose weight, will I?

The meal plan and your macros will be tailored to your personal goal whether that be losing or gaining weight, building muscle, leaning out and improving body composition, increasing calories (AKA reverse dieting), or simply learning about how much you need to be eating and getting more in sync with your body.
But the plans aren’t focused exclusively on losing weight or whatever that specific goal may be.

Goals can be met through a variety of ways but even then, it’s not guaranteed that all achieved goals will withstand the test of time. Our bodies change as we go through different seasons of life so a physique won’t last forever, but a healthy relationship with food will.

A positive, balanced relationship with food allows us to indulge during the holidays, spontaneously go on a weekend getaway, snack and watch an entire season on Netflix with a roommate, pile a second (or third) helping of mouthwatering food onto a plate at a family BBQ, order anything off of the menu on a date, nibble on sweets while baking with grandma – all while being present and enjoying the moment without unnecessary worry, guilt, or stress about food taking away from the memories being made.

So while plans are tailored to goals and weight certainly can be lost, that’s not the primary focus. What matters most with a SUNutrition meal plan is enjoying the food you eat, being aware of how rejuvenating it is to consume enough calories (and carbs), and cultivating a lifestyle that allows you to live life to the fullest without feeling deprived, restricted, or hyper-focused on food.

What matters most is feeling GOOD. Because it isn’t about the weight that’s lost, but the life that’s gained.

How long do I need to follow this plan?

I of course want you to follow the plan to the best of your ability and especially during our time working together, but my hope is that after our time together that you feel confident in your eating habits and ability to make sound food choices.

Instead of feeding you a generic plan or simply telling you to follow XYZ, I’ll educate you on the WHY behind your plan and way of eating. That way, you can learn, ask questions, and apply it to your everyday life giving you the tools to carry on long after our time comes to an end.

It’s not going to be a plan that you blindly follow because I wholly believe that learning = lasting changes.

From paper to PDF, this is one of the most carefully made, detail-oriented plans available.

What plans do I have to choose from?

There are two main types of plans:
Made For You Meal Plan
  • As the name suggests, this is along the lines of what you’d imagine when you think of a meal plan
  • Calories: Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Daily Energy Expenditure, and a range fitting to your goals
  • Custom macronutrient (carbohydrates, fat, protein) ranges that will never dip below your needs
  • Thorough descriptions and information on your calories & macros to help you understand what your body needs
  • 4 meal options per meal based on your food preferences and the number of meals you choose to make prepping your meals smooth and simple
  • Unlimited plan updates
  • Consistent check-ins with one another
  • 3 months of working closely together to ensure proper guidance, full understanding, and adaptability of plan to lifestyle
  • This plan typically works well for those who prefer and even do better with more structure and specific guidelines


Macro Own Meal Plan
  • As the name implies, this plan provides the how-to framework for you to make your own (get it, macro own, make your own) plan based on your macros
  • Calories: Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Daily Energy Expenditure, and a range fitting to your goals
  • Custom macronutrient (carbohydrates, fat, protein) ranges that won’t ever go below your needs
  • Not IIFYM – daily macros are broken down into specific ranges for each meal to avoid the ever so common struggle of having macros leftover (or the opposite) at the end of the day
  • In-depth material and explanations on your calories & macros to help you understand your body’s needs
  • Other methods to track your macros other than MFP
  • Comprehensive Macro Key
  • A blank Meal Plan Template for you to use to craft your own plan
  • 2 options per meal laid out on the Meal Plan Template to set you up for success by 1) showing you, with applicable examples, how to create a plan using the same template and 2) providing you a mini meal plan
  • Unlimited plan updates
  • Consistent check-ins with one another
  • 3 months of working closely together to ensure proper guidance, full understanding, and adaptability of plan to lifestyle
  • This style works well for those who prefer to have more flexibility, creativity, and variety within their meals, those with schedules that routinely change, and those who frequently change their eating habits 


What’s the difference between the Macro Own and Made For You?

The information (BMR, TDEE, macronutrient ranges, custom meal recommendations) and value in which you receive is the exact same in both options. The difference is found in the set-up and presentation of the meals. The Made For You plan lays out all 4 options per meal for all meals.

The Made For You plan horizontally lays out all 4 options per meal for every meal in a nice and neat chart on a PDF document while the Macro Own plan provides 2 options per meal with the macro breakdown of each meal on an Excel spreadsheet.


But not everyone wants or needs full-on coaching and support...

I do understand and appreciate that the long-term plan isn’t for everyone. Some people have already laid the groundwork and have a decent grip on their eating; they’re just looking for a bit of guidance to fine-tune their routine and feel more confident in the direction they’re going.

If this sounds more like what you’re looking for, I do offer a plan specifically for you. The One Time Meal Plan is where you get to choose between the Made For You or Macro Own approach.

From there, aside from the 3 month minimum, unlimited updates, and coaching, you’ll receive an all-inclusive plan with everything that’s outlined above in the plan of your choosing along with exclusive offers for future updates.

Although it’s a one-time plan and we won’t be consistently checking in with one another, I want you to feel comfortable knowing that you can depend on me for anything and everything. I’m always available and happy to help however I can, whether you’re a one-time client or long-term client.


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