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Being sexually assaulted is the best thing to ever happen to me. The trauma associated with assault is what brought me to my faith and pushed me to use exercise and nutrition for more than physical means, but as a mental and emotional outlet as well. I’m aware of how strange or wildly unconventional it all may sound, but that’s where my path and passion really began.

“…Where my path and passion really began.”

Hi, I'm Sami!

Using personal experiences combined with my formal education, I help navigate what eating healthy looks like for you, enjoy food as it’s meant to be enjoyed, create realistic, sustainable habits, make yummy recipes that don’t taste healthy, and embrace and balance supporting more than physical health, but mental and emotional health too.

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An innovative mix of macro tracking and learning how to make your own meal plan, this is the most flexible and individualized option available.


For those needing more structure and guidance, eat with ease and confidence while reaching your goals with this plan that’s made entirely for you.

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The Recipe Index is the home to all different types of healthy recipes. Walk don't run for your next indulgent snack. (that's not a typo – the recipe index is always here for you to dive into!)

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